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tomato diseases

HI! My name is Nancy. I am having problems with my tomato plants. They looked great until two days ago. Now they are witled and dying and watering does not help. After it started last year the tomatoes started to rot. We lost most of our crop. I've been treating them for blight but it seems to have no effect. Help me if you can.

Thanks so much

Re: tomato diseases

Hi, In this damp weather it could well be blight. There is no treatment for blight, it's only possible to treat plant to prevent blight.

When you are sure it's blight, dig them up and burn them.

For next year, definitely don't grow tomatoes (or potatoes) on the same piece of land for 3 years. Spray with bordeaux or whatever else you prefer to use, in early to mid June.

Comiserations for this year.