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Apple tree blossom falling off once the flowers have faded

I've got an apple tree in my garden. I bought it around 18 months ago from a reputable supplier (well known English newspaper that you look into on a morning to see if you've got toothpaste dribbling down your chin). Anyway, last Summer it blossomed lovely, and I started to get a few apples growing. Towards the end of the Summer the apples that had been growing had fallen off (were about 1/2 inch in diameter and green) and then I only had 1 apple remaining, and it was v small.

This Spring I had more blossom on, and right now I've got quite a few apples growing again, but lately I've noticed the blossom remains are coming off the tree again, meaning less apples. What am I doing wrong? The tree has been fed a lot, kept moist and gets sun more or less all day (when it actually shines in this country).

Its a Discovery apple variety, self pollinated.

Any help appreciated :)

Re: Apple tree blossom falling off once the flowers have faded

Discovery is my favourite apple. It took us 4 years to get a crop. Each year, with all apples, you find that all the blossom drops off. Some mini apples are left (those that will germinate), but many fall off. To my knowledge, a self-fertile variety just means that it pollinates itself quite well because the stamens (male part) and anthers (female) are both present on the tree at the same time. With non-self-fertile varieties they are present at different times. Self fertile, however, does not ensure that all the flowers are pollinated because the pollen still needs to connect with the anther and fertilise the ovary.

Re: Re: Apple tree blossom falling off once the flowers have faded

Thanks for that.

So what could I do to help? Do you think in time I will get more apples on, or am I just meant to have a few (I'm now down to two apples on the tree) every year?