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F1 hybrid seed

I have grown sweetcorn last year from F1 seed. I saved some of the seed and it has germinated fine but I'm wondering whether it will produce decent sweetcorn cobs???? The seed I have produced from leeks, beans and spinach all works fine. Anybody tried F1 seeds second time around?

Re: F1 hybrid seed

Hi Richard, normally speaking, F1 hybrid seeds are for producing uniform strong crops just for eating, and not for seed retention. They do not come true to type if you keep the seeds. If you put 'F1 hybrid seeds' into Google, this will all be explained in scientific detail, hihi, but it is quite easy to follow. All the best for the season................Mary

Re: Re: F1 hybrid seed

Don't count on any major harvest from the re-planted F1 hybrids, most likely a waste of your time, sorry to say, want more great advice and imput, click on my website, lots of great gardeners, wordwide, and it's all free!