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Calamondin Citrus Plant


I've bought a calamondin citrus plant that was on offer at the local Homebase for £5.99

I've brought it home and its got quite a few oranges on it. The roots are coming towards the top of the compost now, does this mean it needs repotting?

And also, what kind of feed will I need? Advice sheets say I need a special type, but will Baby Bio or tomato feed do?

Re: Calamondin Citrus Plant

They fruit when their roots are more constrained. However, if you want a slightly larger plant at the expense of next year fruit, I would re-pot. That way you'll get more fruit in 2 years time.
Feed is quite speciallist: see the link below...


Re: Re: Calamondin Citrus Plant

Thats great, Simon.

A bit problem over the weekend. I went to move the plant and most of the leaves have fallen off. Is it because it is dry, or too cold? I watered it thoroughly and will allow it to dry again, don;t tell me I've killed ANOTHER plant ?!

Re: Re: Re: Calamondin Citrus Plant

If it were drought I would expect the leaves to brown first. The cold however can cause leaves to drop off when they are still green so your doing the best thing by moving it.
Hope you get some fruit!