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Goosberry Bushes

where can I buy standard red goosberry bushes/trees

Re: Goosberry Bushes

Hi Charlie, I bought some gooseberries (both green and red) today at Parkers Nursery in Prestbury, Cheshire. I also bought three fruit trees at Prestbury Nurseries. Basically, its far cheaper to buy at nurseries than garden centres - in fact you can knock of £s. My fruit trees were £14 each; in garden centres you're looking at something like £25+ each. Today, I purchased 3 x green goose; 3 x red goose; 1 x blackcurrant all for approx £15 (I got other stuff as well), and also got two bags of bulbs for free

Re: Re: Goosberry Bushes

Thanks very much. I will give them a call and hope they can help.