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Re: Re: Steel Sheds (erection)

I have since built a shelf rack (2.4m x 0.3m x 1.5m high) in treated wood, cost £70. It has five shelves plus the floor space.

I was thinking next about lighting and the problem over the new regulations, which have made it illegal for anyone who has not passed the latest exams. to install circuits. First step was to get out my old Coleman petrol lantern and check it over, new mantles and it was OK. I then wanted a light which I could switch on when I opened the door.

At a local garden centre I found the Guardman Solar Shed light (£15) which has a small solar panel to go on the roof, a lead which plugs into the 1watt fluorescent lamp with cordpull switch. It is just bright enough to see where you are going without falling over things, so if I am doing any work in the shed it has to be the Coleman lantern.

I can foresee that with further developement houses may well go to 12volt or 24volt DC systems for all the low power requirements (once installed it is free and avoids the regulations). Initially it would be expensive but will run computers, tv's, radios and lighting. The mains would supply high power requirements like cookers, washing machines etc., plus topping up the 12v battery system if needed.

The alternative is that people will use trailing leads all over the place (something which we have discouraged for the last 50 years).