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Growing Carrots in containers to move to ground


I have a patch of soil that I will grow veg in but it's so stony that I need to sieve it out before I can plant anything. It's quite a large patch so it's going to be back-breaking and time-consuming to do this!

In the meantime, I thought I'd start growing carrot seedlings in a pot, later tranferring them when the ground soil is ready. When should I look to tranfer the seedlings / carrots into the ground, ie: is there a 'too early' or 'too late' time to do so?

Also I have covered the pot with cling film - is this necessary during such a warm July?

Any advice is massively appreciated.


Re: Growing Carrots in containers to move to ground

Hello. Sorry for the bad news but your carrots will probably stunt or die. Many root crops hate transplanting. I must have the stoniest soil in the world- as my dad used to say don't take them all out as the act as radiators in the soil. They also help to keep the ground open and act as a mini mulch to the veg too. Potatoes,Beans, peas, squashes alliums and salads will have a field day and you'll be surprized that when you add a bit of organic matter to the soil things will thrive. Weeding with a hoe is a bit of a curse, but we all can't be graced with perfect soil.