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Calabrese (broccoli) heads

Help. Two weeks ago we checked our broccoli and the heads were starting to produce florrets about an inch. We checked them last week and something had started to eat the florrets. We covered them in netting as we have a lot of pigeons. Today they have all nearly been eaten. There is no sign of slug damage to leaves, in fact the leaves are looking good. What could be eating them?

Re: Calabrese (broccoli) heads

Are you sure they have been eaten? as opposed to say rotted away.

I have never known birds go for the florets which after all are flower buds. They do go for the leaves in a big way however!

I have known florets to rot/wither and die back and this is usually a physiological problem rather than a disease.

This can be brought about by watering/feeding wrongly or indeed starvation from both of these, i.e. they have not been watered.

I know in my area May was the driest May since 1990 so this may have played a part.

I'm sorry but I am stumped for ideas not knowing the history of the plant/s