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Choice of cooking apple

We have a cordon 8' high of 2 pears (Williams, Conference) and 4 apples (all dessert, I wish I knew what type) across our garden and I suspect it was planted in the late 1940's. All fruit well but we have codling moth problems which vary depending on if I put out protection (trap preferred, or spray). Sadly we had a problem with a fifth apple at the end of the cordon which, I think, had canker. Whatever it was it was dying back badly and at the advice of our gardener, it was removed. As the other trees are all dessert apples we are thinking that with this space we could put in a cooking apple. Bramley Seedling was first choice, but I remember an aunt saying James Grieve was highly recommended by my grandmother as a good apple. Looking further, I see it is a cooker first but then matures to a dessert. Would this fit in the cordon? Is it a nice apple? What advice do you have? Another issue I suppose is making sure that whatever got the last tree does not get the others.

Many thanks


Re: Choice of cooking apple

I am not up on 'varieties'but wondered if the following information might help you.