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Re: pear problems

do i need two pear trees?

suppose to have 5 different kinds on it.

Based on the above information you give I would have thought not. You already have in effect five trees!

the last two years the pears are misshapped ,hard and have a fuzzy outside.icluding the new ones from this year.

At least you are getting fruit.

Personally I would not entertain such a tree its not natural!

I would go the way I guess you are thinking and that is; get two compatible trees!

also i want to plant a peach tree.do i need two of these and if so how far apart

I am not up on peach trees but I will give you my opinion for what it is worth!

How far apart?......this is subject to the type of rootstock the tree is grafted to and how you are going to train it/them e.g. bush,standard,espalier or fan.
I would say a fan will take up the most space possibly 8ft-10ft (2½-3metres) apart.

A standard might need around 3ft(1metre.

I think you would get away with one as I believe you often need to pollinate manually particularly if it is being grown indoors.

do they need to be and do they need to be beside each other.

I think you have pollination in mind so I would say place them as near as possible to each other but I would say if it/they are in the same garden this should be OK, the pollinators will find them!