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Re: Cabbage

They grow to about 30mm and then one by one they shrivel up. I am using a general compost with added feed and have kept the pots in a warm greenhouse.

The problem I see here is 'added feed' they don't need this the tiny root system may well be getting burned by the fertiliser.

Once germinated they want the temperature reduced substantially, I grow mine on at around 8°C (40°F)

You don't say if they are grown singly in the pot or the size of the pot and what type of compost you are potting onto!

I have also tried placing some outside, just in case it was too warm for them but I get the same result either way.

Depends what the outdoor conditions are as I said above I grow mine on at around 8°C (40°F)

Have a look at my way;


Broccoli/Calabrese; http://www.thegardenersalmanac.co.uk/Data/Calabrese/Calabrese.htm