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Planting Onions

I just planted my vegetable garden but I'm really late for onions. My understanding is that I can plant onion seeds this late but will only get green onions this season. I'm assuming that part's correct.

My question is...if I plant from seeds now, what can I harvest for next season? Seeds or sets? I had been thinking sets, but as I'm reading various info this morning, I'm thinking it might be better to collect the seeds for planting next year? Or maybe it's just better to buy seeds over the winter and start then?



Re: Planting Onions

You are a bit late for either seeds or setts, having said that you could consider growing Japanese Onions in July!

See here; http://www.thegardenersalmanac.co.uk/Data/Onions%20%28Japanese%29/Japanese%20Onions.htm

Then you can read this in preparation for next year;